Blue-billed Teal
Spatula hottentota (Eyton, 1838)
Cerceta Hotentote

Family: Anatidae
Order: Anseriformes
Class: Aves
Phylum / Division: Chordata
Kingdom: Animalia

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Conservation Status according to BirdLife International: Least Concern
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Other Scientific Names: Anas hottentota.

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Number of Records: 5

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Record IDDateCountryProvince / departmentPlaceFilmedPhotographedRecorded vocalObservedHeardWounded or deadNumber of individualsUser or BibliographyDetail
114757727/11/2019South AfricaGautengMarievale Bird Sanctuary, Nigel4Luis Cesar Tejo
65725427/10/2017MadagascarAnalamangaParque de Tsarasaotra, AntananarivoCarmelo López Abad
58486505/06/2017KenyaValle del RiftParque Nacional Lago NakuruDiego Carus
31004728/06/2015South AfricaGautengMarievale Bird Sanctuary, NigelLuis Cesar Tejo
4014809/11/2010South AfricaMpumalangaWakkerstroomCarmelo López Abad

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