Terms and Conditions
  1) It is assumed that all image and text material uploaded by users have the respective intellectual property rights, the responsibility to be independent of EcoRegistros. Each user must own the material you post.

2) EcoRegistros is not responsible for the information published on this site because it is a free to use and anyone can publish without prior review (except for the magazine where every article has a review and editing process prior). Each person should be responsible for the data and photographs to publish.

3) The Administrator and Moderators reserve the right to remove, exclude or edit without notice any information that proves inaccurate, misplaced or sees fit. Consider that EcoRegistros is a highly moderated site because its main purpose is the documentation and dissemination. Images should be diagnostic and representative of the species that show.

4) It prohibits the publication of all or part of pornographic items, abusive, religious or anything having to do with nature.

5) You agree that all published information is stored in a database.

6) The photographs, films or audio recordings may not belong to animals in captivity, not captured temporarily. Single copies are allowed in natural and wild conditions, exceptions where registration holds great scientific value. Pets are not allowed.

7) Is prohibited total or partial reproduction of the data provided by EcoRegistros without prior approval of each corresponding author.

8) If a reader believe that any material breaks copyright should send an email with evidence to the Administrator for later retirement.

9) Usernames must be, without exception, full name of the individual, at least first and last name. It is forbidden to use pseudonyms. Do not allow shared users and each user must be the author of your records.

10) In photographs or films can not see people or part thereof, except in cases where the biology of the species requires exclusively.

11) For records without associated documents relating to a species outside its known geographical distribution, or difficult to identify species that lack detail how the issue was identified, or in cases administrators believe necessary, it may proceed with the exclude of the record of the species sheet's and reports system, or directly remove them.

12) EcoRegistros is not responsible for the interaction of the authors of the records with nests, caves or young. It is recommended not to make approximations that may interfere with the natural behavior of the animals.

13) The photographs, films or audio recordings corresponding to individuals injured or dead should be exclusively in situ, without being manipulated.

14) EcoRegistros reserves the right to change the place names entered by users and even change the location of the most suitable places records without notice. While you are allowing users to create new places, the places database is owned by EcoRegistros. The user should consider the names of the places should not be duplicated, the duplicate spots detected written differently proceed to unify the records of the places with all their corresponding records without notice. You should also consider that the names should be written with the same conventions as other places.

15) The photographs, videos and audios belong to their respective authors, for the use of the material must request authorization from their respective author.