Taxonomy used in EcoRegistros for BIRDS

The task of keeping sheets for the various species generated the need to choose a taxonomy to use. The difficult task of choosing between the different positions that are now in science has led to a detailed analysis for each case. The evolution of species is very difficult to understand and no one has the absolute truth, that is why we believe that for some cases, certain sources are most appropriate and other cases are other sources. This module explicitly leaves the taxonomy used in EcoRegistros lists.

EcoRegistros uses as a priority the HBW and BirdLife Taxonomic Checklist v3. In turn, we allow ourselves to adopt alternative sources for certain cases, which we call "Exceptions of EcoRegistros".

EcoRegistros Exceptions:

Penelope bridgesi recognized as a valid species, following Evangelista-Vargas y Silveira (2018). Formerly considered subspecies of P. obscura.

Glaucidium tucumanum not recognized as a valid species, following Remsen et al., 2019. This form is considered as a subspecies of G. brasilianum.

EcoRegistros BIRD Checklist
Consider that only species having records within the database include


Evangelista-Vargas, D. O. y L. F. Silveira. 2018. Morphological evidence for the taxonomic status of the Bridge’s Guan, Penelope bridgesi, with comments on the validity of P. obscura bronzina (Aves: Cracidae). ZOOLOGIA, 35: e12993.

HBW and BirdLife International. 2017. Handbook of the Birds of the World and BirdLife International digital checklist of the birds of the world. Version 2 Available at: [.xls zipped 1 MB].

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Last updated on 02/03/2019