Macá Grande (Podiceps major)


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 Kingdom:  Animalia
 Phylum:  Chordata
 Class:  Aves
 Order:  Podicipediformes
 Family:  Podicipedidae
 Scientific name:  Podiceps major
 English common name:  Great Grebe
 Spanish common name:  Macá Grande
 Portuguese common name:  Mergulhao-grande o chorona
 BirdLife International:  Least Concern (LC)
 Sex:  N/A
 Life stage:  Adult
 Record date:  01/09/2017
 Country:  Argentine
 Province / department:  Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
 Locality o protected Area:  Reserva Ecológica de Costanera Sur (RECS)
 Detailed location:  Laguna de los Coipos, vereda exterior
 Latitude - Detailed location:  -34.604672
 Longitude - Detailed location:  -58.360727
 Altitude - Detailed location:  4 m.a.s.l.
 Location accuracy:  Middle
 Certainty:  Photographed
 Breeding info:  No
 Feeding:  Podiceps major feeding Cheirodon interruptus 


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 Publish Date:  09/03/2017 18:02:32