Publish recordsheet

Participating costs nothing! Add your records to EcoRegistros!

Would you like to publish all your historical records in EcoRegistros but do not have time to upload them?

We found a solution to this request that many people make. You upload a single Excel or .CSV with all your historical records through this module and we take care of uploading it to the database. In a few days you will receive by email a notification with the result of the process.

This service is not to be used every week, but it is for users who want to load all their records, so that they can be quickly updated and from there they can start to publish by conventional means, import .CSV for each trip from publish batch, publish records through the APP, etc.

Desirable format of the records form

1st column: Species (scientific name preferably, or vulgar in Spanish, or English, or Portuguese, or combined).

2nd column: Number of individuals.

3rd column: Date (preferably type format: 2017-09-13).

4th column: Location.

5th column: Province.

6th column: Country.

7th column: Comment (optional).


Sample sheet

Preferably the localities that conform to as they appear in the site, but we unify them.
Preferably the taxonomy that respects the used by the site, but we unify it.

For this you must be registered in and nothing else! We look forward to your records!

Attach spreadsheet .xls or .csv