Publish Article
  All registered or unregistered people on the site are invited to write articles. For the construction and publication should be considered:

  • The news must have some degree of importance to the community, no ruler to measure importance, therefore the selection is defined by the journal team. The records of species outside their known geographical distribution are some of the examples for publication.
  • Need not be extensive development.
  • The publication is not immediate, there is a review process time by the team of the journal, which varies depending on the complexity publication of the literature to review.
  • Accepted articles on developments in birds.

Body of an Article:

Introduction: It develops you need to develop the topic in question, for example: identifying features of the species, known geographical distribution, inhabited environment and conservation status if necessary. All content that is not created by the author must be properly cited.
In cases that are novel Records regarding geographical distribution should mention the original distribution.

Results: In this fragment must be the development of the encounter with the field observations and evidence if I had.

Conclusion: It highlights the importance of the subject treated based to information published so far.

Bibliography: It mentions all the references cited in the text, the basis to introduce the subject matter and to justify the importance of finding.

Articles should be sent to

After the reception of the article begins the process of individual review each of the team members of the magazine, in this process will determine the acceptance of the same, will be made recommendations, and corrections for publication.

The publications are in PDF format, which are accessed with a viewer from the site and have option to download and check offline.