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Birding Challenge
Information, consultation and presentations on Birding Challenge
75264Jorge La Grotteria
Presentations of Vertebrates
To gather relevant information on Vertebrates
41159Gustavo Kin
Information about courses, lectures, competitions and conferences
Info about courses, lectures, competitions, conferences on wildlife photography, conservation and biodiversity
2250Jorge La Grotteria
Observing Trips
In this space we will be able to explain the experiences of our wildlife watching trips.
44191Facundo Quintela
Updates taxonomic
Recommending updates taxonomic order to keep the lists updated as possible
37136Jorge La Grotteria
Presentations of Invertebrates
To gather relevant information on Invertebrates
24128Ricardo A. Palonsky
Presentations and Welcomes
After registering are encouraged to use this section to be known in this community
127523Jorge La Grotteria
Identification of Invertebrates
For between users we can help identify everything related to Invertebrates
431114996Lucas Rubio
Homage to Juan Carlos Chebez
518Pablo Capovilla
Identification of Vertebrates
Area for posting photos, audios and videos to identify vertebrate
816330773Jorge La Grotteria
Site Information
General News Site
143996Jorge La Grotteria
General Discussion
Space multiple debates
3371299Zulima América Schupbach