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Consultations on system operation

Is fast user registration?

User registration is instant, just complete the form and accept the Terms and Conditions will become an active member.

What data are required to upload a picture, video or audio?

To upload a photo you must complete all the registry data, as it is a document for the species.

What data make up a record?

Basically a record is composed of: Observer, Species, Date and Locality (or Protected Area), these are the primary data. The system does not support duplicate records and is responsible for unifying those records that are published with identical primary data, ie the system ensures that there are no records with: Observer, Species, Date and Location duplicates.
The Detailed Place is another data that composes the record but it is not a primary data, but it works like an annexed data. The detailed place serves to give a better approximation when partitioning a locality and to attach geographic coordinates with better detail. It is not possible to publish records of a particular species in the same locality, date and observer with different detailed locations, since the primary data are duplicates.

What should be done to upload a record of a species not found in the System?

You must request the upload of the species the Administrator and will soon be able to upload the record.

What should be done to upload a record that was made ??in a place that is not in the system?

In this case, the upload of the new location for the System is made ??by the user to upload the record. If the place is not in the options field called "Location or Protected Area" must be entered manually in the field called "If not found in the list then enter". After posting the record, the system prompts mark the location of the place in the map which is done with a click of the mouse.

How to upload images to the forum discussions?

There are two easy ways to upload pictures:

1) Perform the following steps:
-Upload the image to or another similar site.
-The code provides imageshack or similar sites Share -> Forums / Forums (typically look like this:
[img][/img]), copy it into the space to write (box) in our forum.
Once you press "Save" the image appears.

2) Perform the following steps:
-Upload the image to or another similar site.
-Press "View full size" and copy the URL
(Another way to get the URL is "Share -> Direct")
-Then in our forum, within the toolbar at the top of the box when writing a message, click the hillocks icon (Insert / Edit image).
-Paste the URL into the appropriate field
-Press OK

Stages of life we consider for Birds

  • Squab: nest.
  • Fledgling: out of the nest, dependent parents (may or may not fly).
  • Juvenile: in full flight plumage, and independent.
  • Immature: when the mute evidence to adult plumage, intermediate phase between youth and adult.
  • Adult: once the move to adult plumage, and all subsequent silent.

Indistinguishable and N/A (not applicable)

For species with no apparent sexual dimorphism should be used Sex = "indistinguishable".
For species with clear sexual dimorphism must be specified whenever sex life stage permits, but you can know at a stage of life then "indistinguishable" is appropriate. On the other hand, when the species and life stage are appropriate to distinguish the sex, but the observation does not permit, then we recommend using "N/A".
Consider that we are classifying field observations and pictures, but not fur Museum where you can see the sex with other techniques.

In the same way that the "N/A" is used when you can not define sex in a viable observation but do so for the species, stage of life to apply the same criteria.

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