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The APP uses DEVICE LOCATION and INTERNET (it works with 3G, 4G or WI-FI), and it is necessary to be registered in to be able to use it. It is an application that works in a connected way with the website of EcoRegistros, which allows the APP to be extremely light for download, it only weighs 2 MG!, and by adding a species, country, province, locality or detailed place in the database of the site, these are incorporated in the APP instantly to publish records, without needing to update the APP. It is oriented to the publication of registers and entertainment, has:

  • LIFERs
  • Post more records!
  • Sync without connection
  • Viewer of personal photos published on the site.
  • Personal map of routes of the current year.
  • Personal statistics.
  • List of records published through the APP.
  • List of published records with the Site and the APP.
  • Change user password for EcoRegistros.
This tool allows to publish our observations from a cell phone, of the following classes of animals: birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, fish, arachnids, amphibians, mollusks and crustaceans. When we wish to take advantage of a group trip, a waiting room or directly in the field, we can load the observed / heard species and not wait to get to sit on a PC to do it. To avoid carelessness, the APP does not allow the editing or deletion of records, and this can be done in the profile of each user through the module "Records published with the cell phone".

There is also the possibility of registering species even when the APP has no internet connection. You should use the "Publish log" as if there was an internet connection, only that the system, when it recognizes that there is no internet, will not send an error, but will save the record and allow to proceed with the following records, accumulating records that have not been have been able to publish in a new module called "Synchronize without Connection". Later, when arriving at an area with internet, you must enter the module and press the button "Synchronize" and the records will disappear as they are published.


Examples of screens


How are records published?

When executing the application in the cell phone, we will ask for User and Password, the same data that we enter in the site. When you enter the system, a menu will be displayed, select "Publish registration", and you will enter the screen for the publication of an observation, where we will request the following information:

  • Species (you can enter the common name, scientific name, name in English or name in Portuguese. When writing, this field is autocompleta with the species of the database of the site).
  • Sex (default is N/A).
  • Life stage (default is N/A).
  • Certainty (Observed / Heard).
  • Number of individuals. 
  • Date of registration. 
  • Reproduction (if the record represents a reproduction data of the species, mark when there are active nests or caves, eggs, pigeons, volantones, larvae or offspring dependent on the parents, [No juveniles]).
  • Individual in perfect condition / Injured or lifeless. 
  • Country (Default is the country where each user belongs, you can use the Location Service of the device, you can edit).
  • Province (default is the country where each user belongs, can be changed. When typing, this field is autocompleted with the provinces of the site database).
  • Local or protected area (When typing, this field is autocompleted with the localities of the site database).
  • Detailed location - optional (When typing, this field is autocompleted with the detailed locations of the site database).
  • Record comment - optional. 
  • Save to synchronize in the future (to save the record temporarily on the cell phone instead of publishing it directly to the web).

Notable improvements:
  • Service Location of the device to auto-complete the fields of the place: If the Location service of the device is turned on, the system detects and auto-completes the country, province, location and detailed location, data that can also be modified.
  • Suggestions in writing: the fields species, country, province, locality and detailed place, with the data of
  • Coordinates of the Location Service of the device for the location and detailed location: If a location or a detailed location is new to the database and the Device Location option is on, the coordinates will be loaded to the location and / or detailed place automatically. If the Location service of the device is not used then the places without coordinates will be created. In the APP does not exist the concept of "Locate in the map", but this is automatic by means of the Service of Location of the device, and in case of not using this service the coordinates are not loaded. In order for the coordinates to be loaded automatically it is necessary not to modify any field recognized by the APP with respect to the Location: country, province, locality or detailed place, with a minimum change in any of the fields, the coordinates will not be recorded. If a detailed location or location is already created and located in the database, the new coordinates will have no effect. The web system, searches from time to time locals created without being located and automatically locates them. Unplanned detailed locations are not automatically located, they can be located later when they are used again when posting records through the site.

Recording a record will appear Immediately available on the website, both in the main page and novelty, as in the user profile, in the species tab, listed by places, etc.
If you want to post consecutive observations, the application will remember Several of the data loaded in the previous record to not have to re-enter them, such as:

  • Date
  • Country
  • Province
  • Location or protected area
  • Detailed location
  • Save to synchronize in the future



Consider that this application for cell phones uses as a means of communication with the website, INTERNET. That is, this application generates internet consumption and depending on the plan of each cell phone can generate expenses. Eco Registries is not responsible for the costs and consumption of INTERNET that this application can generate.



This application is free to download and free use. You only need to be registered as a user on the website in order to use this tool.


Technical installation requirements

-Smartphone with Android  operating system.
-APP version 2.x requires permissions to use LOCATION OF THE DEVICE (GPS or RED), and INTERNET (RED).
-App version 2.x, unlike the 1.x, no longer needs to have Java J2ME Runner installed, APP now has native Android format.


Download and install

Year Versions Spanish - Android
 2017 / 2018  Version 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.3  
 2013  Version 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 Obsolete


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